Our residents need you! Urge lawmakers to adjsut Medicaid reimbursements to support pending legislation!

Two proposed regulations – advanced by the New York State Department of Health – to require nursing homes to commit a specified percentage of operating revenue to resident care, and a second measure imposing minimum nurse and nurse aide hours requirements within nursing homes take effect on January 1, 2022. While we believe the goals and objectives have merit – setting minimums without taking into account real-world conditions and without adequate funding, will have negative consequences for residents and staff. In a letter to the PHHPC, LeadingAge New York (on behalf of the long-term care community) pointed out that the minimum nursing hours regulation is entirely inconsistent with the state of emergency due to health care staffing shortages declared by Governor Hochul just last week. Under current conditions, flexibility and resources are needed. We call on lawmakers to take this into consideration.

As we continue the grueling fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, regulatory guidelines for providers in the senior care industry (including Heritage) continue to be levied without the proper funding to support these measures. Slowing the spread and preventing infection, in addition to increased personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile requirements, and increased staffing challenges related to COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been extremely financially taxing on an already underfunded healthcare system. This is especially true for long-term care, where many of our residents rely on Medical Assistance funding to meet their medical needs.

  • More than 2 in 3 residents in nursing homes have their stays paid by Medical Assistance.
  • Prior to COVID-19, Medical Assistance underfunded non-profit nursing facilities by an average of more than $80 per resident per day. The pandemic has worsened this situation. An average 100-bed nursing home accrues over $30,000 per week in uncompensated costs for staff personal protective equipment and ongoing testing of staff and residents.

We urge you to contact you representatives to ask them to allocate dollars directly to long-term care providers to close the gap that exists between provider costs and reimbursement rates.

At Heritage, the steps we take daily to meet (and often exceed) regulatory mandates to slow the spread and prevent infection from COVID-19 continue to be extremely financially taxing on an already underfunded Medical Assistance-funded long-term care system. Without swift action from our representatives, more quality providers will shutter their doors, or be forced to sell at a time when seniors are aging with more complex medical needs.

Come alongside Heritage and contact your representatives, urging them to support funding for pandemic-related costs.

The Heritage Ministries public policy team advocates on behalf of our residents, their families, and our staff, to enact policies that will address the needs, quality care, and safety that ensures all our communities are beacons of Hope, Dignity, and Purposeful Living. Add your voice to ours!


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Kathy Hochul
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Mark Walczyk
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317 Washington Street
Dulles State Office
Watertown, NY 13601


Patty Ritchie
(315) 782-3418
317 Washington St
Dulles State Office Building
Room 418
Watertown, NY 13601

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