The greatest wealth is health

Every accomplishment starts with
the decision to try!

Fitness and wellness are an important part of daily resident life. We offer exercise classes and an exercise room along with walking on our campus. In addition, Thompson Park and Black River walking trails, Dry Hill Ski Resort, YMCA, and Planet Fitness are nearby.

Enriching activities designed for you


Just because you choose not to drive does not mean you can’t get there! The city bus passes through several times a day along with Ives Hill’s transportation service. The “Day Tripper” Group organizes off-site, seasonal day trips.


Ives Hill is centrally located to stay connected to things you enjoy. Close to walking trails, golf courses, restaurants, plays, orchestras, shopping and a short drive to the majestic Thousand Islands.


We offer a variety of events from lectures, entertainment, and discussions. Residents meet regularly with the Resident Advisory Committee to explore additional amenities.

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