It’s Not Downsizing, It’s Rightsizing

Your home is your haven. Shouldn’t it feel peaceful, comfortable, and organized? 2019 may be the year to feather your nest with those things most cherished, and eliminate those things that don’t serve you. Organization can be an overwhelming task when faced with decades of accumulated material possessions. As a senior, now may be the right time to pass down some of those cherished family heirlooms. You’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your loved ones enjoying these items now, rather than allowing your will to distribute your estate after you’re gone.

It’s best to tackle the project in manageable segments. For example, creating a filing system for important papers, and deciding what to file, what to dispose of, what to shred, and what goes to the safety deposit box is a great place to start. You may want to employ the talents of a professional organizer if resources permit; this allows you the ability to participate in the process, but not become overly discouraged by such an undertaking. Additionally, you may want to consider an off site storage unit if your housing situation is likely to change and items will be needed later.

Other ways to pare down and simplify may be through consignment or a household sale. The money you gain from your sales could actually pay for this year’s vacation, or at least a weekend getaway! Check for companies in your area that assist homeowners with household sales, they may be well worth the fee accessed for making your sale both manageable and successful.

Another consideration is to give your unneeded belongings to a charity. Many non-profits run a second hand shop as an income stream for their organization. Contributions may be tax deductible. You’ll be able to provide items for those in need – and doesn’t that feel good?

Some things that tend to accumulate, but don’t add value to our lives, is expired or unused medications and out of date electronics. It’s important to dispose of these items properly. Most pharmacies have days when they accept prescriptions for disposal. Check with your local pharmacy, and drop your medications off – never flush as this contaminates our water systems. Out of date electronics are accepted by most communities, so check with your local officials for dates and drop off schedules. Be sure to wipe out all your personal information from phones and tablets prior to disposal. Some wireless cell phone companies will actually give customers a credit for usable phones towards the purchase of a new one, be sure to check with your provider.

So now’s the time – consider what to keep, what to give, and what to properly dispose of. You’ll soon find that it feels good to simplify. Organization saves time, money, and resources. It can feel truly freeing to let go and lighten up!

At Ives Hill we take the work out of rightsizing. Our team offers solutions to make life easier, purposeful, and less stressful. Join our family and enjoy living at a vibrant senior living community!