Veteran Residents at Ives Hill Honored

Veterans Day has passed, but Ives Hill continues to honor its residents who served. More than a dozen residents in attendance Saturday served in World War II.

The guest speaker, Major General Miyako Schanley, is honoring her mother, an Ives Hill resident whose military career was cut short when she became pregnant. Schanley says her experiences in the military have been much different from those of the veterans at Ives Hill because she says they weren’t always appreciated for their service.

“Honestly, that generation, unlike today, they didn’t hear a thank you enough, so to be able to come here today and really to be able to recognize those who have served in all of our services through a variety of generations, and to bring them together and honor them, its just been a fantastic experience today,’ said Major General Miyako Schanley.

A flag has been hung up in the ball room to represent the veterans at Ives Hill.

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